About Us

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At Hair Transplant Turkey, our entire team is dedicated to offering top of the line hair restoration services. We are proud to offer surgical as well as non-invasive solutions to hair loss.

Because we stay abreast of all of the newest hair loss treatments and technologies, we are able to offer our clients a wide variety of treatment options.

Have you just started to notice that your hair is thinning? Perhaps you are seeing more hair fall-out than usual in the shower drain or when you comb your hair. Even if you don’t see any sparse or bald patches on your scalp yet, Hair Transplant Turkey will thoroughly evaluate whether or not your excess fall-out is an early sign of hair loss or if it is a natural shedding cycle. Whether you are experiencing early hair loss or are simply in a heavy shedding cycle, we will provide you with solutions that will either bring back your hair’s original fullness, or give the appearance of fullness via cosmetic and topical products.

On the other hand, if you’ve spent the last several decades losing more and more hair, and you’re now dealing with an almost completely bare head, we can help you get a full head of hair again! At our state of the art treatment facility, we are able to stay ahead of our competitors by offering the most advanced non-invasive hair loss treatments along with highly successful surgical hair transplantation procedures!

Additionally, if your baldness is due to genetic (familial) alopecia or chemotherapy treatment, you may benefit from our laser therapy, which can regrow hair without surgical intervention in some cases.

All of our clients have individual, unique needs that present us with the opportunity to come up with the right solution. The Hair Transplant Turkey team is up to the task and boldly says that we can and will find a resolution for your hair loss, regardless of its cause.

It’s our goal to achieve superior results for every single client we see. By combining our state of the art technology with a knowledgeable and experienced hair transplant surgical team, we can guarantee satisfaction for every one of our patients.

Every procedure that we perform is 100% sterile and safe. We take our patients’ health and safety very seriously, so all of our rooms are sterilized before and after each procedure – whether surgical or non-surgical. As a bonus, our clients comfort also ranks high on our priority list, so you’ll be relaxed and comforted throughout the entirety of your time with us. Our surgical rooms are all outfitted with comfortable, reclining chairs so that you will be able to relax during your hair treatment.

Because your comfort and satisfaction is so important to us, you also won’t have to worry about post-surgical discomfort. We will provide you with the appropriate pain relief medication, should you require any.

Hair Transplant Turkey has the solutions you’ve been looking for. We thrive on giving our patients their confidence back, and we look forward to solving your hair loss problem next!