When it comes to hair transplant, patients desire to avail the highest quality at economical price. Nowadays, surgical procedures are getting expensive and risky for people. There are clinics which take advantage on the financial capability of those who approach them. In terms of specific method to choose, there is also an emerging dilemma. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit hair Transplantation (FUT) are two popular options in hair transplants. If we are going to talk about pain, FUE will never allow you to feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, FUT may result to negative effects in the long run due to its surgical nature. It is important that you are highly aware of the method you will choose. This will save you from wasting your money in unworthy hair transplant.

Here are some pointers why you should go with FUE over the other methods:

  • Absence of too much pain. Compared to FUT and other methods, FUE is non-surgical which means that you will not feel extreme pain during the operation. FUE is relatively bloodless and painless.
  • Immediate recovery. Considering the fact that “no cutting” is involved, the recovery won’t take too long. If you are an employee, 6 days will be the maximum duration for having some rest. After few days, you can go back to work and continue your tasks. There’s no need to sacrifice your source of income just to pursue a hair transplant.
  • Affordable cost. With limited tools and equipment to be used, the operation will never be costly. Your available fund is just enough for the transplant. Applying for loans or borrowing money from friends may not be required. FUE will let you spend less and save more. Then, if you choose Turkey as the destination, there will be great opportunities for you.
  • Less possibility for scarring. FUE is better than FUT because of the lesser chance of having scars on scalp. With the easy method, there will be no side effects after the operation. Your scalp will stay healthy as it is before. With help of a professional surgeon in Turkey, there is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.
  • Natural result. More hair will grow after completing the FUE method. Follicular damage will not be an issue. The good condition of the root will be maintained accordingly. On the other hand, FUT will cause follicle destruction due to the “cutting” procedure. This will stop the natural hair from growing again.
  • Results timeframe. Just like other methods, the results of FUE will be permanent. However, the difference will be on the intensity of pain, expenses, and overall effect. FUE will provide a comfortable feeling to patients after the operation.


If you really want to attain your goal of restoring your hair, it is ideal to choose Follicular Unit Extraction over the other surgical methods. Aside from high quality, you will not experience poverty after the operation. You can now build self-confidence as you grow your hair efficiently.