Hair Transplant History and Facts


ased on the reports, the attempt to hair transplant started during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. However, the hair transplant was actually performed in the year of 1940 in the country of Japan. This was also the time that the people suffer from an excessive burn wound during the World War II.

In Japan, the first hair transplant took place in the year of 1943 using only small grafts. These also contained one to three hairs and were implanted in most female patients. The hair transplant method became known all over Japan, especially during the World War II.

In the world of the Western Countries, the first hair transplant was carried out in the 1960’s. The hair follicles are extracted from the tonsure and this became a truly successful transplantation. The transplanted hair grew so well without experiencing any hair loss.

When talking about hair transplants history and facts we need to mention that this technique was still used up until the early 1980s as the standard punch grafting. A round patch of hair is removed from the scalp through the use of a cylinder. As per the graft, it contained twenty to thirty hairs. The individual grafts measured four millimeters in diameter and fifty to one-hundred grafts are to be transplanted in just a single treatment session.

Hair transplant surgery has actually reached a level wherein it seeks to provide a result that is almost undetectable to a lot of people. Throughout the years, it has changed from an experimental-based procedure to a successful one.

Interesting Facts about Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is known to be a surgical procedure that gives out its permanent result. There is no need to consider trying a small procedure in seeing the best results. If you decide undergoing this procedure, it is best doing your research first before going forward at it. You need to be confident in this procedure. Put all your trust on your chosen physician.

Another interesting fact is that the blood supply of the scalp is great and is also collateralized. This helps sustain the growth of newly-transplant grafts. Nevertheless, there are certain limitations to consider. In the event that the grafts are too big, the blood supply may be overwhelmed that result to poor growth.

Apart from it, you need to take note that the blood flow is compromised by smoking and sun exposure. These are two of the known conditions that limit the amount of grafts to be placed in a single session for a hair transplant.

And in general, there is a chance for you to have a successful hair transplant. You can also become a satisfied patient especially when you are older. When the hair loss begins at such an early age, you may notice that the pattern may somehow be unpredictable.