At Hair Transplant Turkey, we perform a variety of different hair replacement procedures, and we create a custom plan for every client we work with. By tailoring our services to each patient’s needs and hair issue(s), we can guarantee ultimate satisfaction every time.All of our services take place in a completely sterile environment and are performed by our team of hair restoration experts. While we know that clients come to us for our exemplary results, our reasonable prices are also very attractive. We’ve struck the ultimate balance between results and affordability.

At this time, we are proud to offer the following services in our Turkish hair restoration clinic:

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplantation – This is our preferred hair transplant method, instead of the strip harvesting method (FUT). There are many reasons why we use this hair transplant method. Patients will not need any stitches, there will be no noticeable scars, and there is a much larger harvest area as opposed to the strip method. Healing time is quite short with very few limitations on post-operative activity. Each hair follicle is harvested individually and transplanted into the thinning or balding area using a set of small forceps.
  • Eyebrow Transplantation – For those people with very little or no eyebrow hair, it can be a big confidence boost to undergo our eyebrow transplant procedure. Our team can increase the fullness of eyebrows that are sparse, and we can create completely new eyebrows if there are none at all. We utilize the FUE method with a special implanter tool that allows us to place eyebrow hairs in the appropriate direction.
  • Body Hair Transplantation – In patients with insufficient donor hair on their scalps, we can transplant either beard or chest hair in combination with scalp hair onto the balding area of the scalp. Again, the individual extraction and implantation method is used in body hair transplants. It is our policy to use no more than 30% of the hairs in the beard area at one time. This helps lower the risk of any facial scarring and ensures that the patient will still be able to grow a full, thick beard.
  • Hair Transplantation for Women – In general, our hair transplant procedure is the same whether the patient is male or female. Women, however, sometimes have a condition called Alopecia Totalis, which results in hair loss over the entire surface of the scalp. Because of this, it is important that we determine the cause of female baldness before performing any procedures.

In addition to the above procedures, we can also transplant hair from a donor area on the scalp onto a man’s facial hair area that is hairless due to hair loss or trauma. At times, we also have patients come to us to correct poorly executed hair transplant surgeries that were performed elsewhere. Our team has had great success repairing transplants that resulted in badly transplanted hairs. We can remove hairs that were poorly transplanted and place them, along with new grafts, onto the target area.